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Charity Golf Tournament Ideas – Part II

Posted on June 21st, 2018 | Author: Kathryn Draney | Category: Tournament Tips
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It can be fun to let loose and celebrate while simultaneously raising money for a cause. Participants will love having fun while raising funds for something they care about. If you are hosting a relaxed event, here are some humorous and upbeat ideas to keep the party going:

  • Host a golf pong tournament! Set up buckets on the ground in the shape of a beer pong table. Have players chip balls into the buckets from behind lines. Follow the regular rules of beer pong, and give the winning champions a prize.
  • Use a photo booth rental service, and either charge per photo strip or take donations. Participants will line up in order to wear the silly props and take goofy photos!

  • Do a paint and sip night! Try to find a paint and sip company that will sponsor your event so that you can send 100% of the profits to your charity of choice. Give contestants a few wines and beers to choose from, and give each participant a canvas and some paints. Have an instructor lead a class to create a golf-related or cause-related painting. Participants will be happy to take their artwork home at the end of the night.
  • Have a wine or craft beer pull. Wrap bottles of wine or craft beer and have participants pay a fixed amount to grab a random bottle. Make sure to have a range of beverage qualities, as well as one especially nice bottle.

  • As a prize for winning a contest, give a picture frame with scratch tickets pinned in the shape of a ribbon or some other symbol that represents your cause. This is a cheaper alternative to a “high-cost” prize, when the allotted prize money could be going to the cause instead.
  • Give the last place player or last place contest participant a funny trophy for being last – as well as a small consolation prize.


Read about why you should add a charitable component to your golf tournament HERE.

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