DIY Tournament Planning - an Ultimate Guide: Part III

Posted on July 24th, 2017 | Author: Adam Jackson | Category: Tournament Tips

Step 8: Sponsors


Using Sponsorship Packages 

Sponsors want to know what they’re getting in return for their investment, and you need to blow them away in order to get the capital you need to justify your tournament. 

For this, you should create impressive sponsorship packages that include website links, further promotion of their companies – through mass media, email blasts, and social media – buying opportunities, and further media exposure. You should also offer physical marketing packages on-site at your tournament, such as tents, logo branded golfer gifts, and more in order to truly sweeten the deal.

Finding your Sponsors

Once you have an idea of what you’re selling, you need to find out who you’ll be selling to. That means pulling together your committee, and exploring all the relationships you may have, including industry vendors, board members, beneficiaries, past key business relationships, partnerships, and even personal relationships. Internet searches can also be good resources, as many local businesses advertise their desire to purchase sponsorship packages online.


Step 9: Signs and Banners


When people arrive at your tournament, you want them to know they’re at the right place. 

  • Professional Tournament Banners: Come up with an eye-catching design, and put your name on a 3’ high x 6’ wide professional banner, to greet all who walk into your tournament.
  • Sponsor Flags: Have different colored flags with different sponsored logos at every hole. Make them look nice, and sell them as part of your sponsorship packages.
  • Hole Signs: These 18" x 24" signs should be placed on wooden stakes throughout the course at each hole. Put the name of the hole sponsor, as well as the logo and the name of the tournament on these signs.
  • Cart Signs: All carts should have sponsored signs as well. Make these 8-1/2" x 11" and put them on the front of all carts.


Step 10: Gifts and Prizes 

What you Need

When we say gifts and prizes, we don’t mean simply to give away prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. You also need to have other, more attainable prizes so you can give as many things away, and give more golfers a sense of accomplishment.

Prizes to give away include: 

  • Tee Packages: Give everyone free hats, towels, balls, and tees with you and your sponsors logos on them.
  • Trophies: Trophy spots wouldn’t be called trophy spots without trophies. So, if you’re having a more competitive tournament, make sure to buy some nice ones that golfers will want to put on their mantel!
  • Auction Prizes: If you have an auction, you have a great chance to have a real money raiser on your hands. Make sure to sell experiences, such as dinner with celebrities or golf with athletes, as these are the real moneymakers, and provide you with something unique you can market!
  • Raffle Items: Don’t forget to buy (or ask for donated) lower priced items that golfers can win with a raffle! This adds another layer of entertainment, while also giving you a chance to help the community. Ideally, always include one higher priced item to justify more expensive raffle tickets.

Adam Jackson is Gettysvue's Tourmament Coordinator. 

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