How to Host a 'Chili' Winter Tournament

Posted on November 20th, 2017 | Author: Adam Jackson | Category: Tournament Tips

It may be inching toward the colder side where you are, and playing a tournament out of season is always challenging. However, it’s also a unique opportunity to get together during the cheerful holiday season, make some fun connections, and have a blast accompanied by some holiday cheer! 

Consider 4 person teams using the 1 Best Ball of 4 format so that the individuals can play their own ball for the entire game. Set the handicap around 80%, and the lowest team score wins. Have large holiday-themed blankets available for players to warm up with, as well as a hot cocoa station for your participants to pass by during the tournament.

Accompanying the tournament with some enjoyable, themed events like a ‘hit the wreath’ contest. To do this, place a wreath around the hole, and when your ball hits the wreath, you earn another turn to take the wreath off precisely where your ball landed, and try to make the hole-in-one.  There are various versions of this fun add-on.

At the awards ceremony, to keep with the theme, you could serve different kinds of chili, hot or mild, white bean, or maybe chicken chili. You could also serve warm apple cider or Hot Toddies, and a holiday favorite dessert, such as pumpkin or pecan pie. Add ‘winter wonderland’ décor to the banquet hall, like snowflakes, and white trees with ornaments to make the atmosphere extra festive.

It may be a tad ‘chili’ outside, but your golfers will have a fun and unique experience, as well as a story to tell, and maybe some Kodak moments along with it. So spread some holiday cheer at your Club!

- Adam Jackson is the Assistant Golf Professional and Tournament Coordinator at Gettysvue Polo, Golf & Country Club in Knoxville, Tennessee

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