Why Scramble Tournament Formats Raise More Money for Your Golf Events

Posted on July 11th, 2016 | Author: Tyson Johnson | Category: Tournament Tips

What is a Scramble Tournament? Four people team up together and you take the best shot out of the four players. Most tournament experts will agree that the Scramble format is the best format to choose for a golf tournament or charity golf event, for four main reasons, which we will outline below.

Pace of Play

Because you take the best shot of the four players in each foursome, the pace of play for a Scramble Tournament is quicker than any other format, and when you are setting up a charity golf event, you don’t want to keep your players on the golf course too long.


A Scramble maximizes attendance at your event, as less competitive or experienced golfers don’t have to worry about their skill level as much. Scramble tournaments allow each player to contribute without worrying about playing their own ball for the entire round. This, in turn, increases your potential attendance as more people feel less pressure to play, as the team score is what matters (and what is ultimately reported), versus the individual’s score.

Team Environment

Not only does the team environment fostered by a Scramble Tournament help with your tournament’s overall attendance, but it also creates a social environment that promotes networking and a more enjoyable event for everyone. Players will be engaged with their foursome and other groups playing in the event, and this will keep them returning year after year to your event.

More Banquet Guests

The term, “the more, the merrier” is always true for golf events. You want as many people as possible buying raffle tickets, agreeing to join you on the golf course, and staying afterwards for the banquet and post-play activities. The banquet is when you can create more awareness for your cause, increase bidding on high-value auction items, and raise more funds. A Scramble Tournament encourages a more diverse and full player field to attend, and the quicker pace of play convinces more people to stay for the activities afterwards.

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