Why You Should Invest in Great Goodie Bags

Posted on October 4th, 2018 | Author: Kathryn Draney | Category: Tournament Tips
golf goodie bags

Sometimes the giveaways and gifts in the Goodie Bag can make a real difference in the event. One of the secrets to having a successful tournament that often gets overlooked is the Goodie Bag. 

Every player in the tournament wants to be a winner - but only a couple of teams will be able to take home the trophy! That’s where a nice Goodie Bag comes in.  Tournament committees must make sure they have a budget line for this expense.  

A nice goodie bag will make them players as if they are getting value for their entry fee even when they don’t come out on top of the leaderboard. 

When choosing your Goodie Bag components, discuss the contents with your committee members. Setting a budget is essential because prices for Goodie Bags can skyrocket fast. You can have multiple smaller-cost items, or just hand out one “nicer” item as a prize – it doesn’t even have to be in a bag!

With your committee, discuss who has what connections. If you know someone who can set you up with discounted golf merchandise or prize items, that can be a great way to save cost and maintain high quality.

Remember, sponsors may pay to cover the cost of a Goodie Bag item if it advertises for them. Consider adding a sponsor’s logo to your golf towels, balls, or water bottles. Be resourceful!

Here are some common Goodie Bag items:

-       Golf Tees

-       Ball Markers

-       Stress Balls

-       Hand Sanitizer

-       Chapstick

-       Hat Clips

-       Hand Warmers

-       Drink Koozies

-       Water Bottles

-       Portable Chargers

-       Sleeves of Golf Balls

-       Energy Bars or Energy Drinks

-       Food Vouchers from Local Restaurants

-       Golf Towels

-       Tee Shirts (Always a favorite. Tee shirts have so much space for advertising! Print the name of your tournament, the sponsors, the course name, and the tournament date.)


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