9 Ideas For Golf Tournament Sponsors

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9 Ideas For Finding Golf Tournament Sponsors

How do you go about getting sponsors for your tournament? With these 9 ideas, you can line up companies and individuals who will be willing to participate in your tournament by sponsoring you.

Get planning at least 6 months in advance.
Have a well thought out and laid out plan for your tournament. It's easier to sell your idea to sponsors if they can see a well defined plan.
Let the sponsors know how you plan on advertising. Have a plan written up to show them when you approach them with the idea.
Be sure there is plenty of advertisement lined up for your sponsors. If they are going to sponsor something like a golf tournament, you can count on them wanting lots of exposure.
Be sure to have one main sponsor and other associate sponsors. Let the main sponsor know they will be the main sponsor, as well as you will want to let the secondary sponsors know they are secondary. This will eliminate any confusion.
Be sure to have the proper paperwork ready for the sponsors to sign. This will decrease the chance of sponsors forgetting or backing out at the last minute.
You will want a back up plan; however, in case someone should back out. Possibly have other sponsors lined up or ideas of who you could contact and line up - just in case.
Advertise your tournament in local papers and magazines well in advance.
Make sure to have plenty of accessories with your company's logo printed on them; such as balls, shirts, umbrellas, hats, visors, and more. You can sell them at the event to the participants, and the crowd. Doing this helps promote your sponsors and your organization, as well as raises money for your cause.

Having a set of sponsors will help to insure you keep your costs down at the same time that it will give your sponsors some recognition and exposure within the community. Companies
know sponsoring an event is a great way to get exposure for their company as well as hopefully some future business.

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