Fund Raising Ideas For A Golf Tournament

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Starting and running a golf tournament for fundraising can raise a significant amount of money for a specific cause. Due to their popularity, most fundraising golf tournaments begin successful. The majority of events on the course charge a premium to ensure green fees as well as any additional costs associated with the tournament. As long as the tournament is priced accordingly, there should be a reasonable amount of money to give to charity.

Fundraising Ideas

When engaging in golf tournament management for several golf tournaments, it is important to conduct a variety of golf-related fundraising events to keep the tournament interesting. There are several golf tournament fundraising ideas including:

·         Cash-bar golf cart
·         On-course contests
·         Golf tournament banquet

Cash-bar Golf Cart

One excellent method of raising additional money during play is to implement a fully-stocked cash-bar golf cart. Simply load the back of a golf cart with cold drinks, ice and snacks then drive to each hole and sell the items to thirsty and hungry golfers. The best selling items are typically cold beer and sodas. Also include common products such as sun screen and visors.

On-course Contests

Another excellent money-raising technique is by hosting contests at different holes. These may include “Beat the Pro”, “Closest to the Pin” and “Pro-for-Hire.” “Beat the Pro” involves the pro teeing off first with individuals players wagering on who can hit closer to the pin than the pro. “Closest to the Pin” awards a prize to the golfer who drives closes to the pin. Finally, “Pro-for-Hire” allows players or teams to hit their drive on a difficult hole.

Golf Tournament Banquet

Following the tournament, an excellent accommodation for a large group is to hold a dinner or banquet. For those that did and did not participate in the tournament, this is a prime opportunity to raise additional capital by selling tickets. Included in the banquet is entertainment, food, an awards ceremony and a silent auction.

How to Get Sponsors for a Golf Tournament

Acquiring sponsors for the tournament is not a difficult task if planned correctly. Begin planning at least six months prior to the event. When developing a plan, make sure to provide adequate opportunities for the sponsor to advertise. Since most companies have vendors that service them, simply talk to the account manager about sponsorship and provide them with the advantages of sponsoring the event. Make sure to have at least a main and associate sponsor then create a contract.

What Do I need for a Golf Tournament?

Even for the most basic golf tournaments you will need to set the event objectives, set the event date and create a timeline, develop a budget, solicit potential sponsors, hold the golf course, create a volunteer job list, determine extra contests and prizes and set the date and time for the banquet. Also, create goody bags, plan aid stations, hire a photographer, create invitations and most importantly, finalize every aspect of the tournament.

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