How to get golf tournament sponsors

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How to get sponsors for your golf tournament Golf tournaments are great fundraising ideas for most any business or charitable organization. It's a fairly universal activity, with millions of people around the country hitting the greens on a regular basis. There are plenty of ways to make sure everyone can participate, regardless of experience or skill level.

However, organizing a golf tournament can get expensive pretty fast. Unless you have a lot of disposable cash lying around, you're going to need some sponsors. Here, we'll present some tips and techniques for getting companies to sponsor your golf tournament.

The Basics: Get Organized Golf tournament planning is essential, especially when sponsors are involved. When a business invests in a sponsorship opportunity, they expect to have plenty of time to promote the event—and they usually prefer that the promotional materials conform to their guidelines.  You should plan at least six months in advance, and give sponsors plenty of notification. Fully explain the benefits from the beginning, and get promotional materials printed ahead of time so you can present them for review and approval.

Offer Plenty of Options

When it comes to sponsors, it's often easier to find quantity over quality. Have several levels of opportunities in place—for instance, offer “hole sponsorships” with signage at each hole of the course, in addition to overall tournament sponsorships with more prominent displays.

Also, make sure the tournament itself is desirable, so it's well-attended. Try to enlist at least one big-name golf professional, and include plenty of hospitality perks for guests—food, drinks, door prizes, and more. You can even seek sponsors who will donate food or drinks instead of money, offering them advertising placement in the dining areas. It's also a good idea to attach your golf tournament to a reputable charity, either exclusively or as a partial investment next to your fundraising efforts. Sponsors benefit from the community goodwill generated by charity events—and your business will, too.

Have a Solid Sponsor ContractTo protect yourself against misunderstandings and last-minute cancellations, make sure your sponsor contract is as formal, spelled-out, and specific as possible. Detail the exact benefits the sponsor will receive for their investment, as well as your expectations for the sponsor's participation. Include a section on consequences for canceling the agreement—and don't forget to have both parties date and sign the contract! With solid groundwork, research, and a bit of hustling, you can secure sponsors for your golf tournament and make sure your funding needs are met. If you need to get expert advice on how to plan a golf tournament or unique ways to get golf tournament sponsors then talk to the golf tournament experts at American Golf or Find great locations for your golf tournament at these websites:

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