How to Plan a Golf Tournament

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How to Plan a Golf Tournament

Planning a golf tournament is a major undertaking. There are many moving pieces that must be addressed before the event can occur. It is always advisable to create a golf tournament committee as a guide to planning a golf tournament.

Steps to planning a successful golf tournament

There are a number of steps that must be taken to plan a successful golf tournament including:

1)      Determine the purpose and venue of the golf tournament
2)      Create a budget
3)      Appoint committee chairs
4)      Establish time lines
5)      Create rules
6)      Create a registration mechanism
7)      Select a photographer
8)      Manage banquet

How to find a golf course venue  for your golf tournament

The first steps are to determine where to have a golf tournament and why. Most golf events are created to donate proceeds to a charity or organization. Also, a close and easy-to-find venue is typically selected for any tournament.

Create a Budget

The next step is to develop a budget for the tournament. This will ensure you do not spend more than is necessary. The cost of every detail adds up so it is critical to rigorously adhere to the predetermined financial plan.

Appoint Committee Chairs

Once an estimated budget is determined, committee chairs must be appointed. The most common structure includes a Tournament Director, Logistics / Operations, Sponsors, Tournament Prizes and other general volunteers. The head of each department is responsible for ensuring each of their tasks is completed by tournament day.

Establish Time Lines

The next step of golf tournament management is to establish a time line that begins at nine months from the event date. This allows for enough time to ensure every required task is completed. It is beneficial to create tasks at nine months, six months, one month, one week and the day prior to the event.

Create Rules

Next, confer with committee heads as to the rules of the tournament. This includes the number of individual per team, the tournament format, the prizes provided at each hole, the winner’s gift and any other information related to game play.

Create a Registration Mechanism

Then develop a method of registration. The most common is through the Internet; however, email and telephone registrations should also be an option. If the tournament is work-related, a memo should be distributed informing employees of the event and how to register.

Select a Photographer

Capturing the event is important, especially for work-related tournaments. This is an excellent promotional strategy for upcoming tournaments and can be uploaded to the company website. Find a photographer with tournament or sports-related experience to ensure action-shots are captured.

Manage Banquet

Finally, manage the banquet following the tournament. At most golf courses there are event planners. However, it is important to participate in all aspects of the banquet including food options, emcee, entertainment and libations.

Planning a golf tournament for a large number of individuals can be difficult. However, by selecting reliable and hard-working committee members, the team should be able to develop and manage a successful event.

Regional Golf Tournament Planning

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