How To Keep Your Golf Tournament Fundraising Costs Low

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Fundraising events have the potential to bring in a lot of money for charitable organizations, but they can also cost quite a bit.  Depending on the type of event, charities can actually spend as much, if not more, than they earn in charitable donations.  Golf tournaments offer a great way to earn funds, without the high price tag associated with events like Galas or other evening events.  Usually, the only costs associated with golf tournaments are tee times from the golf club where the event is held, and in some cases even that is donated.  Other fundraising events have a whole host of obvious and hidden costs that make them inefficient.

Comparing the Costs

Tracking the direct costs for any fundraiser is simple.  It is merely a matter of looking at the direct expenses related to the event.  Space rental, catering costs, equipment rental, entertainment costs, food and beverages, among others are direct costs of virtually any event.  Direct costs allow easy tracking, but indirect costs also play into the to total amount raised.  Fundraisers must consider the amount of employee time dedicated to each event, since that cost should also be applied to the total expenses for raising the necessary funds.  Galas and other evening events typically include both dinner and some type of open bar.  The cost of food and alcoholic beverages is tremendous.  It is not unusual to spend $65 per plate or more, just on dinner service.  Space rental can be obtained free of charge, but it is much more difficult to obtain cost free catering.  A golf tournament does not require a full dinner, or an open bar.  Serving light alcoholic beverages like mimosas adds a bit of cache for a mid-afternoon event, but the costs are much more reasonable.  The only food served is usually finger food, making it easier to arrange for food donations.  Alcohol is more problematic, but the cost on a couple of cases of champagne and orange juice is nothing compared to the cost on a full open bar.

Golf Tournaments Cost Less and Raise Just as Much

The lower cost on the event does not translate into a small fundraiser.  Golf tournaments offer all the same fundraising opportunities as a Gala event.  Not only do charities charge for admission tickets, they also charge for entry into the tournament.  During the course of the day, a silent auction allows the audience something fun to do while they wait for specific tee times.  At the awards ceremony, where donated prizes are given to the winners, a live auction adds spice and excitement.  The event flow is more relaxed, but the opportunities for fundraising are tremendous.


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