Tips for Raising Extra Funds for Your Charity Tournament

Posted on February 27th, 2017 | Author: Kirsten Erickson | Category: Tournament Tips


Local companies are always interested in engaging with charities on a grass roots level.  They may not be able to sponsor a hole, or participate on a large scale, but a gift certificate to use at their restaurant, store, sports center, or other business can go a long way towards raising funds. Designate one of your chairmen to be in charge of procuring 10-12 items to be raffled at the Awards Dinner following your Tournament. These items can be displayed with tickets for purchase at the registration table, and later at holes throughout the Tournament to encourage participation. You can offer raffle tickets at a set price, or keep the donation amount open.


Similar to raffles, auctions are an easy way to raise money at your Awards Dinner.  Auctions are perfect for big-ticket items that can generate larger cash revenues, making them ideal for the same chairman who is procuring raffle items to help with. Auctions can be either silent or live. Work with your contact at the Club to figure out which format would work best for you. They will also have valuable tips for execution.

Mobile Pro Shop

Many golf shops have the ability to set up mobile sites for your attendees to purchase golf balls, visors, clubs, clothing, and accessories. Approach your Tournament’s Pro Team to find out if they would be interested in setting up an offsite area to collect sales, and in return donate a percentage of their proceeds to your cause.

Long Drive

Reach out to your Tournament site to find out which holes are a par 4 and most conducive to a tent/table set up. Once you have chosen a hole, reach out to a local high school to find out if they have an active golf team with a player that would be interested in donating their time for a good cause.  This student will be set up on the par 4 hole to make the first hit on that hole once a donation is made.


Reach out to the same local high school and see if they have a cheer squad that might be interested in donating their time as well.  Set them up at a hole with a hula-hoop and donation jar. Once a donation is made, a student begins hula hooping as long as they can. The donating player is allowed to walk down the hole until the hula stops, and play begins at that spot.

- Kirsten Erickson is the Event Sales Director for Bear Creek Country Club 

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