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Our Favorite On-Hole Contests & Games for Your Next Golf Tournament

Posted on February 29th, 2016 | Author: Allison Doyle | Category: Tournament Tips

Once you have sponsors and vendors lined up for your charity golf tournament or golf fundraiser, how do you incorporate them into your tournament? Here is a list of our favorite on-course hole contests that give your sponsors, donors, and vendors brand exposure, while simultaneously being fun for your golfers!

On-Hole Contests & Games

Marshmallow Long Drive Challenge

This is a creative spin from the normal Longest Drive challenge. Pick any club and see who can get the most distance hitting a marshmallow instead of a golf ball. You can also use a wiffle ball.


Draw a 15-ft. circle around the pin on a par 3. Each player can buy in for $5 – usually gets you 3 attempts. If the ball lands inside the circle, you get a prize. If you don’t, you can try again or move on. A vendor or sponsor can provide the prizes – sleeve of balls, gift cards, or logoed merchandise


Bottled water booths at tee boxes can be essential add-ons on hot or muggy days, especially if alcohol is being consumed on course. A great vendor or sponsor opportunity is to hand out logoed water bottles, or even just host a water station with signage. This not only makes a great impression with golfers, but it helps cut back in dehydration cases as well.

Beat the Pro

Your golf pro challenges the group to a Closest-to-the-Pin contest. Teams will buy in to participate. If anyone gets a better shot than the pro, that golfer gets a small prize. No better shot = no prize EXCEPT that the golfer can use that pro’s shot as their next, for a better score.

Speed Hole

Teams are timed from tee off to hole out, usually on a par 3. The fastest time wins, and this team is announced at the conclusion of the tournament.

Dunk Tank Hole

A dunk tank is placed at a location where space is available, and it’s not in the swing path – usually on a par 5. The object is to dunk someone by throwing softballs at the target. If you manage to do so with your throw (or 2-3), you are allowed to tee off from the front tees. The higher cost of this on-course game recoups in the amount it’s talked about afterwards by your players.

Longest Drive, Opposite Hand

On a par 5, players are given a left-handed driver (lefties get a right-handed driver) – you can usually borrow demo drivers from the Pro Shop. After the group has hit their normal tee shot, tee them up and take a swing from the other side of the ball. The furthest out, wins.

Closest-to-the-Pin… for Wine!

Every foursome competes against itself. The winner of the group gets a voucher for a bottle of wine to be picked up at the end of the day.


Rent a wall or barrier of some sort – your vendor or sponsor can help choose what this is, whether it’s a 10-ft wall, a sports drink inflatable, or some other barrier that gives their product or service on-course exposure. Each player must hit a wedge shot from 30 yards out over this barrier.

Random Club Challenge

On the tee box, make everyone reach into a bag and pull out a slip of paper. That paper tells them the name of the club they must tee off with… and then play out the entire hole with only that club.

Whatever on-course contest or games you choose to host, remember to be creative and have fun! Everyone loves winning prizes and a bit of friendly competition, so give your golfers a memorable and unique experience out on the course, and they’ll repay you by donating more & talking about your event during and after the tournament day!

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